Tuesday, 11 February 2014

'Gender workshops' in Polish kindergartens - is this the future of Romania?


This article from The Guardian is written by a Pole  who is outraged at attempts to prevent kindergarten pupils from being taught about homosexuality. It is headlined

Poland is having a sexual revolution in reverse

with the implication that this is a bad thing. It deserves as much exposure as possible. I wonder if it is the future of Eastern Europe, including Romania.

The writer talks about
"Gender workshops. These are basically sex education classes – still hardly available in Poland – which were organised in pro-equality nurseries and schools." 
Lord have mercy.

Sex education should happen at home, at least to start with, and it can do much harm if it happens at too young an age, but in nurseries.... 

And pro-equality nurseries...

This is so much like the something invented by the late Michael Wharton, but it is happening. Now. In Poland, of all places, which I hoped would defend Europe against things like this, as once they defended us from the Turk and later from Lenin.

Stuart Hall, the black British left-wing theorist, whose death was announced this week, is quoted in his obituary in the Daily Telegraph as saying

“Remember 1968, when everyone said that nothing changed, that nobody won state power. It’s true. The students didn't win. But since then life has been profoundly transformed. Ideas of communitarianism, ideas of the collective, of feminism, of being gay, were all transformed by the impact of a revolution that did not succeed… So I don’t believe in judging the historical significance of events in terms of our usually faulty judgement of where they may end up.”

It seems the events of 1968 in Western Europe ended up with children in pro-equality nurseries in Catholic Poland being taught that they can construct their genders, whatever that means. 

In 1968 students demonstrated in West Berlin against capitalism but on the other side of the wall the 1960s social revolution did not happen. The EU is now seeking to impose the ideas of the Western 1968 by force. It will succeed and I wonder if Easterners will even try to stop them.

Actually, that is not quite true. The Iron Curtain was not completely impervious. Curiously enough, the social revolution did happen in a very etiolated form on the Communist side but it was confined to sex before marriage, which by the 1970s was becoming normal in provincial Romania, and a taste for Western pop music. What being subversive meant in 1960s Romania was being in favour of freedom and opposed to the big state, exactly the opposite of what rebels wanted and are achieving in the West.

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