Saturday, 10 May 2014

History is a catalogue of wars with unintended consequences - Russia's intervention in Ukraine will be disastrous for Russia

This is a very interesting article by Owen Matthews on Mr. Putin's game plan in Ukraine. The invasion of the Crimea was decided ad hoc and may prove disastrous for the Kremlin. The events in Ukraine remind me strongly of Milosevic provoking the Croatian Serbs to secede from Croatia and look how that ended. Badly for everyone, not least Milosevic. Oddly, the EU and the Western Ukrainians may gain a lot from the Russian actions.

A new item from Interfax said on 30 April that
The absolute majority of Russian citizens feel happy and the depth of happiness reached its historical maximum in the past 25 years, the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) sociologists said following a poll.
A total of 78 percent of Russians admitted that they are happy, while in each 2012 and 2013 there were 77 percent who did so, VTsIOM told Interfax on Wednesday.
In the past 25 years these are the best figures.
This might be connected with the annexation of Crimea but I do not know whether the poll was conducted before or after Russians suddenly took over the Crimean Parliament. I suspect that in any case the Russians are ringing the bells now but they will be wringing their hands soon.


  1. Have you heard that Russia offered Romania, Hungary and Poland a piece of Ukraine each:

    1. Thank you very much - why did we not hear about this? Was Sikorsky exaggerating?

    2. Vali Nas informs me that the idea in fact was not Mr. Putin's but Mr. Jirinovsky's. Jirinovsky plays the part of court jester and pseudo-opposition, making the parties in power look better by contrast, in Russia that Corneliu Vadim Tudor does in Romania. By the way I agree with Lord Salisbury that Poles complain about the partition of Poland but they partitioned the Ukraine with Sweden.

    3. But the article says that a similar offer was made by the deputy speaker of the Duma. And according to Wikipedia the current deputy speaker is a Valery Yazev a member of Putin's party not the opposition party:

  2. nonsense. the Crimean victory medals were minted over a year ago!