Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Islamophobia becomes the enemy, not terrorism


A Muslim fanatic took hostages in a Sydney cafe and murdered two innocent people yesterday. Someone on Facebook posted this comment:

Thank God the gunman has been positively identified as Sheikh Man Haron Monis: Well-known to the Australian authorities as a professional lunatic who delights in writing mocking, sadistic letters to the families of dead soldiers. The commentariat can now move on from the "his motives are unclear" phase to the "all religions have their extremists" phase. Proceed.
Soon the story became Islamophobia. Breitbart, which I'm starting to find a very valuable website, has this rather marvellous article by James Delingpole about how this happened. How the far left hijacked the news story for its own ends and how a woman called Tessa Kum sent a hashtag  
that went viral. 

Ideologies often breed hatred. In the 1930s hatred of Jews and hatred of the bourgeoisie were not polar opposites, as they seemed, but parallel currents of thought with quite a lot in common. Goebbels agreed: he said that it was because the Nazis were socialists that they opposed Jews. Miss Kum seems, from the evidence James Delingpole marshals, to dislike white people - as oppressors. She doesn't see that this is really the same as disliking black people. Because from an extreme left-wing point of view it isn't. One is the equivalent of the class enemy, one the revolutionary class.

After the beheading of Drummer Rigby on the streets of London by Muslim fanatics, very many of my Facebook friends (not a disproportionately left-wing bunch) seemed much more worried by the EDL (English Defence League) having a 15 minute heavily policed march near the scene of the crime than by the killers. I said on someone's wall - she was explaining the 'context' of the killings in terms of America's wars - that maybe we should try to understand the 'context' of EDL as well and she unfriended me. 

She wasn't left-wing, by the way. She just wanted to protect the underdogs. 

How decadent the West has become.

Even Tony Abbott, the Australian Prime Minister, who is usually so splendidly unbothered by modish ideas and cant, felt moved to deny any connection between these murders and Islam, in words that David Cameron might have used.
The point I keep making is that the ISIL death cult has nothing to do with any religion, any real religion. It has nothing to do with any particular community. It is something to which sick individuals succumb....
The idea that, you know, ISIL is somehow spawned by any particular religion, frankly, it’s probably even less true than saying that Catholicism spawned the IRA.


  1. So brave they picked on harmless children and teachers burning one alive a woman and we all know why that is, she was educated and thus a threat to their world of make believe, the lowest of the low but really it is what you expect from people that would kill their daughter for so called dishonouring the family, a cult that will willingly take females for sex, killing their menfolk to get them and kill anyone that refuses to believe in their mad prophet. The world is at war with these middle ages murderers and the sooner the world government deal with it the better. If not I can see blood on the streets of the western world unseen since the last world war.

  2. Breitbart pushed the line that Obama was a Marxist Muslim foreigner. Be wary of what you read on there.

    1. Thanks for advice. That sounds deranged. Delingpole is good though, in general, with off days.

  3. See what the Aussies are saying


  4. This is not about excusing Islam. This is Australian cultural specific - the recognition that hatred of Islamic people was a risk - we are a somewhat racist country and many people are simply not travelled.

    It wasn't a political statement in the sense it was some kind of extreme left thing.

    I despise Marxists and I don't have an issue with terrorism being regarded as a high crime, and suspension of civil liberties in an age of asymmetric threats.

    It's mispla to think that it is anything more than an expression of an idealised Australian self-image howver.

    It was the work of a line nutter with no ties to any jihadist movement. The message was one of bearing things in balance and not acting in a reactionary manner.

    Do you not think that Auatralians would not put the food down extremely hard should it actually become an issue?

    We are rather pragmatic and we are, not being a member of the council of Europe, unbound by the ECHR.