Saturday, 10 October 2015

No one is in Syria because of ISIS


The Russian line is that they’re in Syria to fight ISIS. But the Russians, like the Turks, Iranians and Europeans, don’t care about ISIS. By declaring itself a Caliphate, ISIS made itself non-aligned. The fighting in Syria isn’t about ISIS. It predated the rise of ISIS as a major player. It’s about Syria...
This is the start of an interesting article by Daniel Greenfieldan Israeli born blogger and columnist, in Frontpage, about what is happening in Syria. His stuff can be sensationalist and overheated and his standpoint is pro-Israel and anti-Muslim, but he makes some good points.

Here are two more quotations.
Turkey and Russia are bombing so many of ISIS’ enemies, that they might as well be backing ISIS... 
Putin and Erdogan aren’t there to fight ISIS, but neither is Obama. Obama’s campaign to “degrade” ISIS is another failure and no amount of cooked intel to make it seem like he’s winning can change that. The Muslim migrant invasion of Europe may not have been a calculated Russian strategy, but then again it just might be. .
Is Putin behind the migrants descending on Europe? Who knows? He could not have guessed how Angela Merkel would respond. Who could? Obama probably played a large role in her decision to summon a million or more migrants to Germany, an event that will prove as important as the opening of the Berlin Wall but very much less benign. The US Government congratulated her on her decision.


An article in the Wall St Journal yesterday makes similar points and says what my Syrian Christian friends told me years ago and which I before talking to them had come round to thinking.
A potential compromise could involve a strengthened Syrian regime letting go of Mr. Assad while maintaining the power structures of the Syrian state—and keeping the opposition’s role limited.

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