Thursday, 26 November 2015

It seems the Turks are to blame for downing the Russian plane on the Syrian border

What is my opinion about the Russian plane downed yesterday by the Turkish air force after spending 17 seconds in Turkish aerospace on the Syrian border?

I had a completely open mind. I am certain that Russia has been throwing her weight around deliberately.  A British priest friend, however, said on Facebook: 

"I am ex-Air Force and I still talk almost daily with senior serving and ex-serving members. There has been a LOT of discussion of this. It seems the Russian aircraft flew across a tiny arm of Turkish land that projects into Syria. The Russian aircraft was over Turkey for 17 seconds. The missile that hit the Russian aircraft took 40 seconds to reach it. That means the Turks shot it down over Syrian airspace - well after it had left Turkish airspace. The Greeks tell us that the Turks regularly fly illegally over Greek airspace, but the Greeks don't shoot them down. There was no hint that the Russian aircraft was attacking - its course was clearly exiting Turkish airspace. Turkey therefore acted illegally and it is very unlikely that NATO will back them. Apparently NATO would like Turkey out of NATO anyway because they are likely to try to drag NATO into some war that NATO has no interest in." 
A senior US diplomat said on Facebook that the USAF would not have done what Turkey did.

I now get the Washington Post on my kindle because of its wonderful production values but I bitterly hate it and want rid of it. The WP is very warlike towards Russia which makes me feel sure Turkey must be to blame. The WP which worries about climate changes and thinks people who don't want to take in Syrian refugees have no right to celebrate Thanksgiving.


  1. Here is the most thoughtful piece I have seen thus far. It provides relevant context to all the other comments offered:
    I have no doubt that the Turks welcomed an excuse to shoot down the Russian plane as it was threatening to Turkmen in Syria. I also have no doubt that the Russians were reckless in disregarding the border, particularly if it gave them an opportunity to attack the Turkmen from an angle they may not have suspected. In any event, the bully bear got smacked in the nose and is now beloowing because someone had the audacity to defend their border from incursion. What do you think the Russian air defense system would have done if a foreign plane had approached them? And I am not referring to Korean civil airliners over Sakhalin peninsula. It's not evey day that a Matthias Rust can fly in under the radar and land on Red Square! A peaceful weekend to all, Marc

  2. HilaireBellocsHalitosis28 November 2015 at 23:06

    Interfering troublemaker Putin is shocked and angry that someone with a bigger ego dared to hit him back. Kind of refreshing to see. He is retaliating very heavily against Turkey in a way he'd better wish no one ever does to Russia on one of its numerous forays into provocation.