Sunday, 8 November 2015

Macbeth in Bucharest

I saw the film of Macbeth yesterday. It involved going to Baneasa Shopping City, a shopping centre, at quarter to six, where I felt as out of place among the families as would Charters and Caldicott from 'The Lady Vanishes' and as repelled as Charles Ryder was by Hooper in 'Brideshead Revisted'. I wish we could have seen it one of Bucharest's magnificent old cinemas that I pass every day and never enter. The film is very good - it is a film not a staged play, something hard to achieve with Shakespeare. Michael Fassbender is excellent as Macbeth, so ate the other actors, the low-budget scenography works, but the film cuts most of the lines and replaces them with silence. I therefore found it slow and probably won't go back to see it again, wonderful though it is to have Shakespeare in Bucharest.

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