Thursday, 3 December 2015

American black killers oppressing whites

We hear a lot recently about whites in the USA killing blacks but in 2013 there were 409 black on white homicides, while 189 blacks were killed by whites - despite blacks being only 13% of the population and whites still being 74% of population.

Why American blacks commit so many violent crimes compared to other groups, even making allowance for their social class, I have no idea. But oppression works two ways. Judging by homicide statistics, American blacks are more oppressing than oppressed.


  1. When American blacks have as much money and education as white people, own and inherit as much property, and live as long as whites we'll worry about black-on-white oppression.
    I used to feel as you do, but did a little reading and got to know a few people. Living in Bucharest, you will likely never have a conversation with an American black person.

  2. Considering the tension between whites and blacks in America those are actually miniscule numbers.