Thursday, 3 December 2015

Back in Bucharest

Back in Bucharest after a short trip abroad, celebrating yet another birthday, my taxi driver is a Catholic who very sweetly at the end of the journey asks me if I am a priest. A great compliment and the nicest thing that was said to me since another taxi driver asked me if I were an artist. 'Why do you ask?' 'Because you don't seem to have your feet on the ground.' 

Tonight's taxi driver was a furrier until his employer went out of business because people started to think furs immoral. In Romania where everyone wears them. I am sad about this and love furs, but remember that an ecological friend told me that bears are killed for their furs by having hot pokers inserted in their anuses. Even very sexy girls in furs do but justify this. Shades of King Edward II's death. 

[Do you remember Dr. Fagan's remark about King Edward II – “a perverse life, Pennyfeather, and an unseemly death”?]


  1. Painless death doesn't solve anything I can see. You can put down people as well as animals with that rationale. Do call a spade a spade is what I would say to animal-rightsers and the like. At least vegetarians (which I am not) are consistent in this regard, I'll give them that.