Saturday, 30 January 2016

The European ship is going down

I just heard the BBC World Service interview someone from the Danish institute for Human Rights who complained that the Danish government will require migrants to wait three years before they can bring wives and children into Denmark and fears other countries may copy this. He likened the Danes taking migrants' belongings as a contribution for their keep to the Nazis stripping Jews of theirs. There was no-one to put another side of the argument. I am afraid the hard things people like Rod Liddle say about the BBC are

I don't read RT (Russia Today) as a rule, but it prints things about migrants and Muslims in Europe that the BBC prefers to avoid. This opinion piece is well worth clicking on

"The K├╝bler-Ross model of trauma describes the emotional pathway for any European with an interest in protecting the continent his forebears created from the perfidy of national leaders whose actions will breed him and his children out of existence.
First there was denial: surely Angela Merkel couldn’t be so stupid as to sink the European ship?

Next came anger as news of the organised attacks by so-called asylum-seekers on European white women seeped through the checkpoints embedded in the mainstream media machine.
Then came the stage known as bargaining as people thought they would settle for some restrictions on numbers so long as the tidal wave was stopped.
And now we are at enforced acceptance: the tidal wave will not stop – so get used to it – with Jeremy Corbyn, for example, calling for the UK to take similar numbers as Germany."

I don't think we are at the acceptance stage yet. That may come.

RT is not trustworthy on stories involving Russia and it is not neutral on migrants. This is because, I am delighted to say, Russia is doing her best to undermine Mrs Merkel and using the migrants as a means to do so. RT is part of this. So it is not an objective source, but then neither is the BBC, which is pro-EU and pro-migrant. Nevertheless RT cannot be dismissed as a news source. It was one of only two publications, as far as I know, that mentioned the finding in the British 2011 census that 8.8% of Britons under 25 are Muslim. The other was the Daily Telegraph which buried the information far down in an article about declining church attendance. Only RT made it into a lead story, something which it certainly deserved to be.

Another interesting article, this from the Marxist-libertarian journal Spiked, on 'creepy' sex education leaflets for Muslim migrants, is here

Cultural insecurities, which predate the current migration crisis, exercise a powerful influence over public life. These tensions continually raise a question that is studiously ignored: what do European societies believe in? It’s clear where Muslim migrants get their moral outlook from, but where do young secular Europeans draw their values from? Schools and secular institutions mistakenly believe that the language of morality is the monopoly of outdated religious organisations. Values, though, can change with the wind. Environmentalism, healthy eating, homosexuality, self-esteem, anti-racism, multiculturalism and mindfulness all compete with one another to gain the attention of young people today.In education and public institutions, questions to do with right and wrong, or good and evil, have been displaced by a narrow emphasis on the instrumental and therapeutic ethics of wellbeing. Children are taught that emotions like anger and hate are bad, but they’re not taught what to love. Previous objects of love – God, country, family, humanity and so on – have been displaced by inarticulate sentiments that, at best, amount to ‘it’s okay to feel good about yourself’.There are relatively few issues on which a moral consensus prevails. But the sexual assault of women is one issue on which old-fashioned traditionalists and anti-traditionalist cosmopolitans can agree. That is one reason why the official critique of migrant behaviour has focused on sexual harassment. That is, if they couch their concerns in the language of sexual harassment, critics of migration can avoid accusations of xenophobia or Islamophobia.

Here is further evidence, also from RT, that the migrants include  ISIS people. Did anybody doubt this? Actually yes - lots of asinine people who at the time of the Paris killings explained that the migrants are not terrorists but fleeing terrorists. In fact a very complicated war is taking place in Syria and a poll of Syrians taken by a reputable British polling company showed 22% of Syrians support ISIS. I imagine a roughly similar number of the migrants do so.

The IMF predicts 4 million more migrants in the next two years. The Bulgarian Red Cross predicts two to three million this spring. No predictions have any clear basis. 

Europe needs to have the same tight borders that Israel does and the will to protect them.


  1. East and west (muslim and christian) could co exist until 50-60 years ago for about a couple of hundred years. Because east was week, not able to reach to everywhere. Now islam is getting to the origins (as ISIS) so can not accept any other faith.Now strong economocilaay and number wise so wish to dictate. This is the end result of economical and cultural imperialism. The refugee problem is the end result of engagements of imperialism. We somehow love to vreate problems by creating problems. Now west has to deal with it.

    1. This is the revolution but not the one Marx expected.

  2. Muslims are not allowed to criticise their religion. Every little word is holly in it.and their prophet was a war leader. They would always follow his leads when they are religious. Other wise their communities and families would be performing an immense pressure on them to get them "back to track" . If they want them to integrate they need to be on their own. They need to be guided and formed by laws and checked for their believs. Mass blind immigration is a very unwise thing to do

    1. I know you lived all your life in a mostly Muslim country and know whereof you speak.

  3. Common justification: migration a rational reaction by reasonable people to desperate circumstances

    Implication: dear reader, listener, viewer as rational people you would do the same

    Message: you are obliged to accept on rational grounds

    Riposte: yes rational which also means we can reason through consequences and equally rationally (not emotionally) say no to illegal migration.

    Liberal decadence: for two generations there has developed a mentality that describes states as mere political 'spaces' not cultures, nations or traditions (just read much of current academic literature). Well, in Europe only George Santayana predicted as much in Dominations and Powers a long time ago.


  4. RT is as anti-Western and anti-British as Muslim hordes are, just coming from a supposedly more sophisticated place. With all its conspiracy theories and Putin-licking RT can most definitely be discounted as a news source, even though it is sometimes correct.

    1. I very rarely read it but it is good to know there is a news source that does not assume NATO and USA are the good guys.

    2. Al Jazeera was always fairly robust at taking that stance ,and is a damn sight more like a news than propoganda channel.

    3. I agree. Al Jazeera is a good source.

  5. I think , much as you have done lately unlike the BBC,RT stretches the point as far as migrants are concerned. They grasp at every minor fracas,blow up unsubstantiated events to make their point of view seem reasonable when of course it isn't. It is a narrative with an agenda, to prove Russia is right on all matters and the West is decayed and corrupt. There are a bunch of writers who swoon on 55 Savushkina Street and toast their fellow traveler every time you post. With so many of them reposting links to your blog , or indeed mirroring your views back to you I wonder when like Echo you will finally physically fade away.

    1. I have little time and no liking for Mr. Putin but I welcome anyone who is trying to undermine Mrs. Merkel, the real enemy of Europe.

      Are people reposting links to my blog?

      Disappearance is not imminent though I have lost a stone. O, that this too too solid flesh would melt.

    2. In any case, I linked to an opinion piece in RT, that can be judged on its merits, not a news story.

  6. The situation is ridiculous: officially PPE and the other EU coalitions are for taking in the refugees, unofficially they are against and sabotage Merkel whenever and wherever they can. Hungary is criticized in the same time for letting them pass and for not letting them pass, and if they let the refugees pass will become responsible for them whenever the Germans change their mind. The refugees are forced to spend so much money on illegal transport that they could have built their own shelters with the same boat fees.

    Romania has already approved some 5000 asylum requests since the war in Syria began, which means some 25000 people, and nobody noticed them wreaking havoc. In fact nobody noticed them at all until last autumn.

    Europe has much bigger problems than the refugees:
    - very rigid labour market, so even the German (or from any other western EU country) youth cannot find jobs unless they are very well educated and trained, else they linger for years in "training" programmes such as this one
    - very high costs for labour replacement: in lay terms that means very high costs for raising and educating children at the level their parents enjoyed; for this reason in most of Europe natality is down and will be even lower in the future since many families choose to have only one child
    - very high energy costs, most of those costs being taxes
    - housing costs are on the rise and not because higher demand but because a restricted supply of new homes while the older stock of homes degrades and cannot be legally repaired or upgraded
    - median income is trending down, median discretionary income is plunging
    - except for UK and France the population is decreasing despite immigration, and the skilled population is decreasing even faster; to get the illusion of population growth most of Western Europe count each seasonal worker ever to arrive from the East as a permanent resident

    Migrants danger ? If only. If Europe cannot handle 1 million refugees is because Europe cannot handle the next generation of Europeans and already relies on scouring the peripheries for skilled labour and capital infusions (such as the "private pensions" we pay in Romania which only prop up a few Western insurance companies).

    400 years ago European countries moved people in forcibly. 40 years ago Europe had the post-war boom prolonged when the Maghrebins and the Turks arrived, and those arrived with nothing and had to have their transportation paid by the countries that needed their labour. Now it cannot deal with people who can afford expensive illegal transportation.

    Europe cannot handle 1 million refugees because Europe is already doomed. What Merkel did last year cannot sink the European ship. The hull is already breached by the dumb ordo-liberal and social-democratic policies of the last 40 years and it will sink without any help from the migrants.

    You are afraid of migrants ? In London I saw normal potatoes being sold by piece and each piece was 20p, and UK is doing well compared with the rest of the Western Europe. That is scary.

  7. This is from a conversation I just found that I'd made a note of which I had on Canon Giles Fraser's Facebook wall.

    Me: I just heard the BBC World Service interview someone from the Danish institute for Human Rights who complains about a Danish requirement for migrants to wait three years before they can bring wives and children into Denmark and likens the Danish Government taking migrants' belongings as a contribution for their keep to the Nazis stripping Jews of theirs. There is no-one to put the other side of the argument.

    X: Perhaps because there is no other side... or none that any right-thinking person could support, at least.

    Y: Or then again they could just have numbers branded on their forehead - to the powers that be they are just numbers.

    Me: The powers that be are treating them with incredible generosity by letting them into our country, no?

    Z: No. Sadly the concept of civilisation seems to be beyond you.

    Me: Beyond me or beyond the migrants who assault women?