Wednesday, 16 March 2016

'This is the end of the line for Trump'

This is a fascinating article about Donald TrumpJake Novak expects Trump to win the nomination but not the presidency and compares the 2016 election to those of 1800, 1828 and especially 1968. 1968, he thinks, is a parallel and Hillary will win as a safe pair of hands as Nixon did in 1968. Nixon, in retrospect, was pretty good but we know how that ended.

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  1. I think both certain GOP grandees and the Democrats are currently keeping their powder dry until they really need it. I am assured by friends on the otherside of the pond, that if it comes to a Presidential race he won't survive the wealth declaration and scrutiny panel.

    Clinton, Cruz, Romney may not be squeaky clean financially , but Trump is just plain dirty. Construction in New York even today, let alone twenty years ago along with Philadelphia and Atlanta runs much like Bucharest, it is by far the biggest money laundering oppurtunity this side of Taxi's bars and gambling and he dived face first into it.

    Ignoring the Federalist articles this one is very good. Points 6 to 14 make the most entertaining reading.