Wednesday, 13 April 2016

An email from Joe


UK involvement in Syria has been a shambles and has helped create the current situation, yes now the main opposition is Jihadi partly because the FSA which is now a footnote was not supported, lots of FSA members have defected to Jihadi groups for various reasons least of all ideological-the reason so many your men of conscription age are heading to Europe is they are not prepared to fight for a dictator or for Jihad-honestly when you look at who is fighting,
Assad's army is decimated and only surviving on Iranian and Russian help and on the other side foreign radicals, this tells you its not a Syrian conflict, it's just theatre. It's not as simple as Assad or Radical which is of course exactly the way Assad would like you to think. Assad does not represent the Syrian people and neither would an extreme Islamic state, while either one is active or in power in Syria the country will be unstable, the incompetence of western involvement has allowed the Jihadis to flourish and with the help of Turkey allowed easy access to the streets of Europe.
Of course if Isis is allowed free rein there will be massacres but that importantly will include the majority not just the minorities, it is the majority Sunni Muslims who are being killed at the moment, Ford is just whinging and is not offering any reasonable suggestion other than his support for Russian involvement.
The Russians and Iranians are protecting their interests but Europe has not seen any real reason to get its hands dirty, I don't like Cameron obviously but some of what he says makes sense. The only problem is he has never attempted to actually do anything other than pay lip-service. Okay let the Russians bomb the Jihadis but that will not help free Syria. Maybe it  will just make Europeans feel safer. Syrian Sunni Muslims have no problem with their minority cousins. Of course war brings out the worst and Shia, Alawi and Christians supporting the regime is not going to make things a picnic but that does not mean without Assad to protect them they will be slaughtered. The opposition is made up of many from the minorities.The international community needs to nurture and support the political opposition, they need to act in the interests of Syria- but obviously this is not going to happen.
We act in our own interests and this has created the mess in the Middle East, how can we possibly condemn Assad and sleep with Saudis?

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