Monday, 27 June 2016

3 Brexit quotes

The fight on our hands now is no longer between Leave and Remain; that’s done. It’s a far greater fight, a more historic one, one that will shape Britain for decades: a fight between those of us who believe in democracy and those who don’t; between those of us who trust the people and those who think the people are mentally and morally ill-equipped to make big political decisions.

Brendan O'Neill

The British leave the EU not as narrow-minded snobs but proud Democrats who no longer want to put up with EU's flaws 

German newspaper, Die Welte


  1. Chris Patten ("A British Tragedy in One Act") quoting Churchill: "The trouble with committing political suicide is that you live to regret it."

  2. Another thing: I share Ken Rogoff's surprise at the "absurdly low bar" for exit in what amounts to an existential question. Any thoughts?

  3. Yes Scotland would have had devolution in 1979, because 51.6% of the votes in the 1979 referendum were in favour, were it not for ‘the Cunningham clause’ in the enabling legislation saying that 40% of the registered voters had to vote “Yes”. In 1979 52% of votes were in favour of devolution but they represented only 33% of electorate. This time there was a somewhat similar result but with over 35% of electors wanting to leave the EU. Had Cameron insisted on a Cunningham clause things would be very different. Very incompetent of him – and very incompetent of him to risk Scotland leaving the UK last year with his unnecessary referendum. However it’s too late to change the rules of the game after you’ve lost it.

    Cameron, Osborne and Remain were shamelessly deceitful and played very dirty. On top of this Leave and David Cameron tried hard to exploit the killing of poor Jo Cox. Why mention this? Because it means that as well as the 52% who voted Leave huge numbers wanted to but were frightened by irresponsible threats of 300,000 job losses, welfare cuts etc and maybe by linkage of Leave to far right etc. This makes Leave's victory all the more convincing.