Thursday, 30 June 2016

Brexit is a shock for everyone


When he promised the referendum I thought Cameron’s great historic achievement would be securing the UK in ‘Europe’ forever. He thought so too.


Instead, a sense of huge shock.

Last time things were this chaotic in UK was 1831-32, I think.

The NHS trust in South East London and Kent have offered staff free counselling to help them cope with their concerns about the referendum. 

There's huge fear among Remainers. Partly it's because of Remain's Project Fear and absurd of for example a 10% fall in GDP. Partly it because leaving IS very scary. Most Leavers are pretty scared too.

Brexit feels very sudden. It feels as though the campaign was short but it wasn't. the decision feels sudden because many people like me didn’t take it very seriously at the start because it seemed a foregone conclusion that Remain would win. I said that to a British friend (strongly Remain) over dinner on the night of the vote, who was explaining why Parliament should ignore a vote to leave

'What’s the point of discussing it? Remain have won.’
He wisely replied: 
‘You can’t be completely sure.’
It feels sudden and incredibly final. It seemed a game until suddenly it wasn’t. But in fact we had several years’ warning since David Cameron promised a referendum.

Last year I read that the number of British people wanting to leave ‘Europe’ had fallen to its lowest level since 1973 – 33%. I thought then that Farage et al stood no chance. That 33% figure itself speaks eloquently to how little the British ever liked the European Union or its earlier incarnations. In other countries in the EU that figure used to be around 3%. Though now in several it is up around 50%.

All will be well. This speech might cheer you up, dear reader, if you are worried for Britain. Even though I was on the other side politically I always thought Peter Shore an amazing speaker. Even better than Powell or Foot, who were very good indeed, and much better than anyone now.


  1. The people you trusted to lead this rather fateful decision had no idea what they were doing. Now in the chaos they are backpedaling and trying to deny responsibility.
    Oh tut tut, jowls waggle as Brexiteers insist all will be well.

  2. This little text reads as a testimony of how frivolous, decadent, degenerate and irresponsible you all, dear Britons, are and behave.

    I am so glad !!

  3. Events are moving fast with the crapping-out of Boris Johnson. If odd bird Michael Gove fails to make the grade, the UK may install that thing you hate -- a woman in power, Prime Minister Theresa May. Wouldn't that be a fine outcome to all the chuffed chortling that Brexit would turn out brilliant? Careful what you wish for!

  4. David in Banja Luka1 July 2016 at 15:28


    I first saw the link to the Peter Shore speech in your Twitter feed a few days ago.

    Thanks for sharing - such an eloquent and passionate speech.

    There is the added bonus of an uncomfortable looking Edward Heath in the background :).