Saturday, 18 June 2016

3 Brexit thoughts


If Britain is destroyed in the coming referendum, what new nationality will you choose? I'm liking the Swiss. Cheese, cuckoo-clocks and their vast natural reserves of Nazi gold.

Alex Woodcock-Clarke

"How can you bear to be on the same side as Boris?" ask people who are on the same side as Eddie Izzard, Bob "fucking" Geldof, Polly Toynbee, Cameron, Osborne, Corbyn, Blair, Brown, Major, squeaking Angela Eagle, creepy Alistair Darling, the banks, the bosses, corporates, luvvies, comedians who aren't funny, destroyer of Third World economies the IMF, and Hot Chip.

Brendan O'Neill

Labour, writes a well-known political journalist, embraced the idea of Europe in 1998, as it was the best opponent of Thatcherism and seemed to mean trade union and welfare rights. But this came at a high cost, he writes. "In doing so, however, it abandoned the classic left-wing vigilance against the 'bankers' ramp' , the device which allows democracies to be overpowered by banks, central banks and their lackeys to run an economy in their own interests. The euro is just such a ramp. It was imposed without democratic endorsement and cannot be unstitched by democratic rejection. Hence perma-slump in large parts of the eurozone, 50 per cent youth unemployment in the worst bits, and German domination of the whole. Never, since the age of the dictators, have the workers been further from control over the means of production, distribution and exchange than they are in the EU today."
Oh glory be, at last someone has spelled out the left-wing (very left-wing) case for Brexit. But who is this seer? Gosh, it's Charles Moore, a high Tory, in the Spectator, the weekly conservative magazine. And some of you criticise me for writing in the Daily Mail. But it is here, on the right, that the left-wing case for Brexit is being made. Where Is The Thinking Left in this debate?

Adam LeBor

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