Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Britain and Europe in crisis - we're flying blind, people


When was the UK as divided as it is now by Brexit? I suppose the most recent occasions were when Mr Gladstone announced his conversion to Home Rule for Ireland in 1886, Munich in 1938 and Suez in 1956.


The tweet above was tweeted by a writer on the Telegraph, a conservative paper.

There's incredible bitterness, furious rage and abject misery about Brexit - and that's just among my Facebook friends. Imagine what the feeling is like in the chanceries of Europe. An amicable divorce looks hard to achieve. They usually are.But at the moment half the British seem acrimoniously divorced from the other half.

In fact the EU, even more than the UK, is in great danger. It's as much a crisis for the EU as for the UK. They are facing  an existential crisis. The EU leaders suddenly feel the wind of death, to use a Romanian expression.

The choice the EU now faces is between 'more Europe' and a common Eurozone treasury and fiscal/tax policy, as called for in the Five Presidents' report last year, 

or changing tack and decentralising. But unravelling the political semi-union risks making the Eurozone crisis even worse. 

I thought on Friday that Brexit would save Europe by making its leaders rethink. Today I suspect the EU is not capable of fundamental reform. Like a tragic hero it moves on inexorably to a terrible doom.

Dominic Johnson thinks like me and put it beautifully:

They will obviously go for greater integration. When faced with a binary choice they will unerringly choose the path through the haunted forest past the graveyard.
I suppose a third choice is muddling through and kicking the can further down the road 

And what will happen in the UK? It looks like Corbyn will be ousted which might male Labour electable. Who knows? They have badly alienated their voters.

It has been very striking since the campaign started and especially since Friday how much many on on the Left despise Labour supporters. It's a bit like Gerald Ratner. I don't suppose Labour will suffer exactly his fate.


  1. Good article.

    Did you see this extract from Youtube, about Britain's attitude to Europe:

    It really sums it up and the fact that it was made years ago confirms the viewpoint that we want Europe to be in a constant state of dis-unity, rather like Israel seems to want Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon to be in a constant state of repair.

    1. They are pretty good at destabilizing themselves without Israel's help.

  2. Those tweets (and the twits who wrote them) are shocking. They reflect a dangerously Weimarian attitude, where votes don't count, but bullets do.

  3. On a lighter note, has anyone adopted a Brit?