Monday, 27 June 2016

Cameron's terrible mistake

Scotland would have had devolution in 1979, because 52% of the votes in the 1979 Scottish devolution referendum were in favour, were it not for ‘the Cunningham clause’ in the enabling legislation saying that 40% of registered voters had to vote “Yes”. In the 1979 referendum 52% of votes were in favour of devolution but they represented only 33% of electorate. On Thursday 52% of voters (about 36% of electors) wanted to leave the EU. 

Had Cameron insisted on a Cunningham clause things would be very different. Very incompetent of him – though his MPs would have launched a war within the Conservative party had he tried it. However it’s too late to change the rules of the game after you’ve lost it.

My sister told me she couldn't decide whether David Cameron was clever or an idiot till he was caught on tape repeating the Queen's satisfaction about the outcome of the 2015 Scottish referendum to the Mayor of New York. Then she knew he was an idiot. 

We all know that now.

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