Monday, 20 June 2016

Germany is afraid of Brexit and is rethinking Europe

A German friend has sent me a fascinating article from Die Welte which I read with Google Translate. As he says, Breitbart has come to Germany. 

Highlights include: 
"The British referendum is not the iceberg, but the alarm bell. ..This reconnection of the European idea of the people's will, which would be unthinkable in Germany, scared of democracy and ruled by backroom politics....Schengen and Euro are failures. Systemic depletion of the initially carefree Mediterranean countries and the systemic responsibility of central Europeans for state bankruptcy in the south - these were two disaster scenarios some economists predicted in 2001 and which came to pass. ...Without the British Brussels would be manned by idiots." 
For those who have German here it is.


  1. No wonder you like the article - it's anti EU, anti Merkel and pro-British. I sent it to you merely as an example of the discussions in the German news - I liked the titanic picture and the word downfall. Now, that I've eventually read the article, I realize it is indeed a good summary - it has the same density as your style of writing. You may have missed the author's partial ironic and biting undertone - Google Translate isn't perfect yet, but it improves continuously. C.

  2. The article is in fact pro-EU, but anti-present EU).
    I've just read that 70% of the school kids in the UK (or only England) are in favor of staying!

  3. The full article is a careful and detailed analysis of the lessons of Brexit for the European Union. One of the best analyses of its type that I have seen. I hope that the article has been read and digested by a large readership. If the European Union were to take note of its conclusions and act upon them, perhaps the British would soon be asking to re-join it!

    1. Are you any more cheerful about Brexit than on Friday?