Tuesday, 28 June 2016

People no longer sing 'England Arise!' but England has risen all the same


A.J.P. Taylor ends his magisterial Oxford History of England 1914-45 with the words ( I quote from memory):

'People no longer sang 'England Arise!' but England had risen all the same.'

I think and hope this will prove true of Brexit.

A.J.P. Taylor, a left-wing socialist, of course was the biggest opponent of joining 'the Common Market' forerunner of the EU. He said:

"We have been most secure when we kept out of Europe. Meddling with European affairs has brought us nothing but toil and suffering. The greatest age of British economic achievement was in the nineteenth century. Then we were truly the workshop of the world. The sole principle of our foreign policy was Splendid Isolation. This was the basis for our prosperity.

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  1. Not when Thatcher sold our manufacturing industry for a pocket full of mumbles.