Saturday, 16 July 2016

A military coup attempt in Turkey


A military coup attempt in Turkey began a couple of hours ago. The USA and EU have appealed for democratic rule to be upheld but I imagine it's in the UK's interests that Erdogan goes. No-one knows what will happen, according to the BBC World Service, but I have the impression that the coup is more likely to win than Erdogan.

Let's hope this does not become  a civil war, which would involve, of course, the Kurds.
Boris will wait till he makes any comment - like Talleyrand in the French Revolution of 1830. He went to the window, looked out at the street fighting and said `I see our side is winning.' Someone asked him `Which side is that?" and Talleyrand, very shocked, replied `I shall tell you tomorrow.'

A European Union source tells the Reuters news agency: "It looks like a relatively well orchestrated coup by a substantial body of the military, not just a few colonels." "They control several strategic points in Istanbul. Given the scale of the operation, it is difficult to imagine they will stop short of prevailing," the source adds.

Above Ataturk's tomb, in letters of gold, are orders to the military to preserve secularism from Islam(ism). But there are several factions in the army and one the Gulen movement is Islamic. Erdogan has just said that this group is responsible for the coup.

Erdogan who was on holiday (like Gorbachev) has broadcast on a private TV channel and asked people to defy curfew take to the streets. I hope this does not end in civil war.

According to Wikipedia, after the last coup in 1980: 

650,000 people were arrested.
230,000 people were brought to trial.
517 persons were sentenced to death.
50 of those were executed (26 political prisoners, 23 criminal offenders and 1 ASALA militant).
30,000 people went abroad as political refugees.
300 people died in a suspicious manner.
171 people died by reason of torture.

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