Monday, 4 July 2016

A defeat for all that is best and most enlightened in British life

AJP Taylor, whom Richard Overy has rightly called the Macaulay of our age, said the Munich settlement was: a triumph for all that was best and most enlightened in British life. He was right, though ironic. He did not thereby mean to approve of the Munich settlement. He himself in 1938 was ardently opposed to it.

A passionate opponent of the EEC, he might nevertheless have considered the Remainers represented what was best and most enlightened in British life. Remainers do resemble the appeasers.

It is all confusing. I, like most people nowadays, think the Munich agreement was probably better than going to war in 1938. It bought time - in 1938 we had no Spitfires. And it bought a chance of peace. On the other hand, had we stood our ground it is possible that a military coup might have ousted the Nazis.

The referendum is a victory for rootedness over rootlessness. Roots are necessary for life.
Thank God we didn't delay three or four years or all those progressive young people would have had the vote. It was in the nick of time! As it is, thinking about the views of the young, the future is not hopeful.

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