Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Brexit quotes

The only economic benefit mentioned in the referendum debate was the 44% of UK exports of goods going to other members. But that can hardly be considered a benefit of the Single Market since it is a fair bet that 44% or more of the exports of every country in the world go to its 27 nearest neighbours. In any case the proportion going to the other 11 founder members in 1993, when the Single Market was inaugurated, was considerably more: 56%. To find that the proportion has fallen to 44%, despite the EU adding 16 new members, does not suggest that the Single Market has justified its costs.

 Michael Burrage

Tony Blair morally wrong. Judge him harshly. How dare he stand there unrepentant - supporting the idea of second referendum. 

Peter James Totman on Twitter

I voted Leave in the hope that a Remainer would implement Leaving. Nothing better than having someone do the job who a) has to be seen to do the job properly because all the Leavers are watching her closely, and b) can put a metaphorical arm around Eurocrats and claim to be on their side---only Leaving "in sorrow, rather than anger"---with the implied chance of returning if they give her a good enough exit terms. Also, Leaver that I am, I can't deny that many Leavers are nutters.

(Seen somewhere on Facebook.)

A Liberal Democrat friend told me last night said he always knew Leave would win. He said Paddy Ashdown once said 'We can't give people a vote because we know they'd vote to leave'.

Lord Lawson seems to be our most intelligent statesman. He says everything I think about why we should ignore the referendum here. Interesting that he favours our staying out of the Single Market.

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