Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Brexit quotes


Adi Schwartz, an Israeli journalist:

For years I have been watching liberal western journos giving advice to Israelis and explain how stupid they are to elect this or that government. Quite amusing to see that it's now the fate of the Brits who did not play their role in the script.

Andrew Neil:

So Siemens has decided not to quit UK after all, despite hints during Referendum. There's a surprise.

Tim Stanley:

Leadsom supporters should not despair. Brexit is safe with Theresa May.

Brendan O'Neill:

Still marvelling at the EU referendum result, the best thing to happen to British politics in a generation. Has it ever separated the men from the boys (no sexism intended). All those people you thought believed in freedom and democracy -- turns out they don't. All those ordinary people who had been branded static and conservative -- turns out they aren't. All those lefties who claimed to care about the working classes -- turns out they don't. All those high-minded liberals who posed as heirs to the struggles for suffrage and open debate -- turns out they aren't. I've lost loads of Facebook friends, but gained more. Every political pose and political grouping has been exposed, if not destroyed, in the most creative way imaginable. Everything is up for grabs again, everything is uncertain, and uncertainty is the midwife of change. Thank you to the 17 million, you brave, brilliant democrats!

Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK:

Yet again government officials are playing down the impact of immigration on household demand. Today’s DCLG publication focuses only on the principal projection of net migration to England of 170,000 rather than the high migration scenario of 233,000 which is much closer to the average of the last ten years which is 220,000 a year.

That scenario confirms that we will need to provide a new home every five minutes to accommodate future arrivals. This is 45% of all of the new homes needed. Demand for new housing has constantly been underestimated and unmet. It is now crystal clear that, if the housing crisis is to be eased, the new government must get immigration sharply down.

Dominic Johnson:

Theresa May is Blairite. Charles Clarke in expensive footwear.

An employee at the European Commission, who wrote to every member of the UK Parliament:

The letter

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