Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Banning same sex marriage in Romania


Amnesty International, the International Commission of Jurists, the European Commission on Sexual Orientation Law and 24 Romanian NGOs have asked the Romanian Constitutional Court to rule illegal a proposed amendment to the Romanian Constitution that would define marriage as a "union between a man and a woman".

The Coalition for Family, which includes 34 local NGOs and associations, has gathered three million signatures in support of the amendment, which unsurprisingly is supported by the Romanian Orthodox Church.

The amendment, if passed, would mean that homosexual marriage could not be permitted without a referendum. The amendment is therefore a very democratic one.

Yet it is the people who want the amendment and therefore want to have a vote on the matter - not 
Amnesty International, the International Commission of Jurists and the European Commission on Sexual Orientation Law, who  recoil from the idea of a vote - who are accused of being 'intolerant' and 'undemocratic'. 

Orwell called it Newspeak. Humpty Dumpty said, 'When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.'


  1. Just read a fascinating little article on the new and reinvented class struggle: This so called revolution is silent and took quite some time in the west. The possible reason why the Eastern Europeans were somewhat shielded from this new campaign, is that we never fully bought into Freud. Even after living 30 years abroad, I still find most of the Freudian tenets to be rubbish and utterly un-necessary. Could this be reaching Romania at this late hour, when it is starting to be exposed as fake elsewhere?

  2. I was pleasantly surprised by this news and by your take on it. This is what is so refreshing about eastern Europe and I think it is largely due to immunity to Neo-Marxist thinking based on experiences from the last utopian experiment. I hope people in Romania and in the Baltics, Poland, Slovakia, etc. will stand their ground on this issue.

  3. The Romanian constitution is a joke, a poorly done copy and paste job (if you don't believe me, read it, it's available in English as well), but this so called amendment would water down even more the idea of what a "constitution" is all about. In a sense, the fact that 3 million Romanians are retarded enough and politically illiterate enough to confuse a piece of legislation with a constitutional matter is the real issue, not some gay rights issue affecting a dozen people in the country. And their willingness to make a mockery of a document which is supposed to be their last line of legal protection does show that many Romanians are "undemocratic" - not in the sense that they don't understand the idea of mob rule, but in the sense that they don't understand the basics of democratic institutions.