Friday, 1 July 2016

Just when the EU establishment thought it couldn't get any worse


For the EU leadership, when sorrows come, they come not single spies but in battalions.

The Austrian presidential election will be rerun in a couple of months because of irregularities in the way postal votes were counted and other irregularities.

ut this time the Freedom Party's candidate, Norbert Hofer, will be campaigning on a policy of holding a referendum on Austria leaving the EU. The President does not have the power to hold a referendum but the election will in effect be a referendum on whether to have a referendum. So I imagine will be next spring's French presidential election.

It suddenly feels a tiny bit like 1989. Or 1848. Today for the first time I begin to think another country will leave the EU soon unless it radically reinvents itself as a free trade area and loose confederation. And I don't think it will do so.

And I still haven't had time to blog about Michael Gove or Boris Johnson


  1. Paul, pls take the time to blog about Messrs. Gove and Johnson. Might it be entitled "Boris: from conniver to patsy"?

  2. It suddenly feels a tiny bit like 1989.

    It certainly does.

    Who knows, there could be the real possibility of an alternative free trade zone emerging, one focused purely on economic co-operation without the totalitarian political aspects. If it included all the most disaffected current members of the US - Britain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark - it could be quite formidable. The rump of the EU would be Germany plus an assortment of basket case economies like Greece, all propped up by the German taxpayer. Maybe if the Germans are lucky they could end up with Scotland and Turkey as well.

    I get the feeling that the French might really leave the EU - surely economic cooperation with Britain would be a lot more attractive than complete subservience to Germany.

    If the EU collapses we can only hope that NATO follows.

    1. Those hoping for the destruction of NATO are the true anarchists of Europe and at the same time useful stooges of Vladimir Putin. Luckily there are still people alive who can lecture you on what it means to have been victims of fascism and communism (if you were inclined to listen).

    2. I am in favour of NATO but have no idea what its purpose is. I do not like Putin but he is not going to invade the EU. Europe's much bigger enemies are terrorists and Muslim extremists and the main defence threat for now is the invasion of asylum seekers.

    3. I think the Germans would leave the EU if given the choice. The whole thing could unravel very quickly. After all it's not a state and only has powers that 28 sovereign nations assign to it.

    4. It has been said that NATO was created to keep the Germnans down, the Russians out and the US in. I think that is still a good enough purpose, given the obvious vaccuum presented by the proposed European Security Compact, which may turn out to be a euphemism for appeasement.

  3. Do you know the Romanian expression "paguba-n ciuperci" ("damage in the mushrooms")? For sure you heard about it, or heard it to some of your Romanian friends who could explain the meaning ... In this case, it will apply to a potential "AustriExit" ... Who cares if they go on their own ? In the latest years they (together with the Hungarians) have been more inclined to serve Putin's political and economical interests rather than being committed to the EU project. No one will cry over them. UK though, is a totally different story ...