Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Mass confusion in Britain


Mark Carney is calming the markets. He is would be able to do a better job had he not been dragooned by the politicians into taking the side of Remain. Unlike his predecessor Lord King who said Brexit wouldn't make much difference to the economy. But where is David Cameron? If he is sunk in depression he should advise the Queen to send for an interim Prime Minister to take charge till September. 

By the way, how much better things were for many reasons when MPs chose party leaders. We could have had a new Prime Minister in less than a week. And we would have been spared Ian Duncan Smith, Ed Miliband and Jeremy Corbyn.

I do not much like the sound of Mrs. May. First she was Remain and it's important that the leader comes from Leave to sell a solution and to take responsibility for it, secondly yesterday she pledged to waste our money on Trident, thirdly Trevor Phillips, when he was boss of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said she was ‘just as aggressive as Harriet Harman was on women’s equality’. She sincerely thinks too many immigrants are a 'threat to social cohesion' but she has failed to reduce their numbers. And yesterday she discussed 
with, of all people, Richard Branson his idea of having a second referendum . 

I think she is another Blairite, another David Cameron, without his brain and eloquence but more of a swot. The case in detail against Theresa May is here, in an article spiked by the Telegraph after pressure from her camp.

Michael Gove is my choice, but unfortunately it seems he has killed himself along with Boris, so that leaves Andrea Leadsom, of whom no-one knows anything except she made money in the City, believes in God and was Leave.

But she has never been in the Cabinet, which is very worrying. Perhaps Liam Fox would have been better, but he has been eliminated. Had David Davies not resigned he might have been the obvious choice.

There have been Tory leaders chosen without Cabinet experience - Bonar Law and David Cameron - but both had years as Leader of the Opposition before they became Prime Minister.

Prime Ministers who were relative unknowns when they took office: Stanley Baldwin - in many ways very good except on the danger of Hitler; John Major, not up to the job; William Pitt the Younger who was a mere 24 and one of the best. 

Which would Mrs Leadsom resemble? Answer: none of the above. 

Boris would have been fun and loved but very, very unreliable. Gove would be great but it is not going to happen. 

The New Statesman prints '9 reasons you should be truly terrified of PM Andrea Leadsom'. All nine made me like her. Perhaps she would be good.

My big fear. Is she another IDS?

Meanwhile, Brendan O'Neill hits another nail on the head.

Last week: "Brexit will empower Farage and Boris and propel Britain into right-wing mayhem!"

This week: "Why are Farage and Boris backing out of the limelight!? Come back, you cowards!"

Some Remainers are actually a little bit mad.

Nevertheless, I have now come to see that, even though this was a referendum not an election, Boris and Gove missed a huge opportunity to asset leadership over a terrified and chaotic public. 

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  1. Andrea Leadsom is a free market cultist in the vein of Thatcher, Michael Portillo, and Ayn Rand.