Wednesday, 13 July 2016

MILLIONS of Britons physically exhausted after several weeks arguing

The Daily Mash is very unfunny indeed, as a rule, but I liked a story that began:

"MILLIONS of Britons are physically exhausted after spending several weeks arguing with people who do not understand anything.
Many ‘remain’ voters feel they need a holiday or a long sleep after the tiring experience of trying to reason with people who completely reject logic or evidence."

We are all exhausted with endless arguing on Facebook, though it's great, great fun (if you are Leave). I even put off dinner with lovely women to spend evenings on the net, reading the press but mostly deploying killer arguments (well I think so) on Facebook.

Remainers say they are a lot cleverer than Leavers. All I know is, to quote Disraeli, a majority is the best repartee.

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