Thursday, 7 July 2016

More Brexit quotes


Of course the most powerful force in politics is not capital or labour; it's inertia. 

Michael Gove, interviewed in today's Spectator.

As it is being used today, “populism” is a term of abuse applied by establishment thinkers to people whose lives they have not troubled to understand. A revolt of the masses is under way, but it is one in which those who have shaped policies over the past twenty years are more remote from reality than the ordinary men and women at whom they like to sneer. The interaction of a dysfunctional single currency and destructive austerity policies with the financial crisis has left most of Europe economically stagnant and parts of it blighted with unemployment on a scale unknown since the Thirties. At the same time European institutions have been paralysed by the migrant crisis. Floundering under the weight of problems it cannot solve or that it has even created, the EU has demon­strated beyond reasonable doubt that it lacks the ­capacity for effective action and is incapable of reform. ...Europe’s image as a safe option has given way to the realisation that it is a failed experiment. A majority of British voters grasped this fact, which none of our establishments has yet understood.

No single leader or party is responsible for the debacle of the Remain camp. It is true that gross errors were made in the course of the campaign. Telling voters who were considering voting Leave that they were stupid, illiterate, xenophobic and racist was never going to be an effective way of persuading them to change their views. The litany of insults voiced by some leaders of the Remain campaign expressed their sentiments towards millions of ordinary people. It did not occur to these advanced minds that their contempt would be reciprocated. Increasingly callow and blundering even as they visibly aged in office, Cameron and George Osborne were particularly inept in this regard.

John Gray, in New Statesman.

It is lazy sexism, and lazier journalism, to compare May and Leadsom to Thatcher just because all three happen to have vaginas. Thatcher had majesty and madness in equal measure: May and Leadsom lack both. 

Damian Barr

Yep the Guardian is talking about women politicians arriving to "clear up the mess made by men". Does that include all human civilisation?


  1. If only women could clean up the mess. I see Mrs. Clinton, Mrs. Merkel and Mrs. UK-PM meeting in suit pants and continuing to sow confusion (or is it "sew" in their case?)


    1. So it's back to bangers and mash in Magdalen St. How craven such attacks are. Honest hard-working people suffer. Cruel. Senseless.