Friday, 1 July 2016

Racism in London

A number of racist incidents, probably genuine, are being used to discredit Brexit in Britian. One example (or rather several examples) are xenophobic poison pen letters sent to Poles in London. I saw this on Facebook written by  a London Pole which I think worth copying.

It wouldn't be beyond the leftists to distribute such notes just to provoke and sow discord. And to sway the vote in case they could make a second referendum come to pass.

I'm Polish by birth and I don't believe these notes are from the pro-Brexit side. I've seen tricks like that before.

It's suspicious they would only attack the Poles and not other nations who live on benefits, some of whom are procreating at an exponential rate. At least the Poles work and don't have as many children as some other "cultures". And they don't go out on the streets and protest to make their religion the state religion in Britain.

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  1. There may be some false flag examples of racism, but it's pretty likely there are some real ones sprinkled in there too. UK tabloids have fixated on the "Polish plumber" for years now.