Saturday, 2 July 2016

Referendum and aftermath


He who would sacrifice democracy for cheaper mobile roaming charges deserves neither.

Brendan O'Neill

Both major parties are in the process of deciding their futures. For the Tories it is a case of which one; for Labour it is whether they have one at all.

Liam Booth-Smith

Brexit voters have unfrozen politics. They have unfrozen history itself. The EU is really an attempt to suspend politics, to replace the difficult, tense business of political thought and action with managerialism and technocracy. It is a post-politics institution, allowing the leaders of Europe to govern without having to have too many awkward debates or to engage all the time with the throng. It is a lid on European history. It suppresses, without resolving, historic tensions within Europe. Now the British people, including our poor and uneducated, have blown it all apart. Their democratic assault on the EU has unsuspended politics; it has awakened history from its enforced slumber. They're being libelled now, but posterity shall judge them kindly.

Brendan O'Neill

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