Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Should the UK leave the Single Market?


I originally wanted the Norway option but with limits on freedom of movement but I am coming to think that the UK should not bother about being in the Single Market but try instead to be a low tax, low regulation economy, that OF COURSE allows Europeans living in the UK to stay but controls her own borders. This is what Nigel Lawson and Patrick Minford advocate and Andrea Leadsom and the Leave Tory MPs probably want. This would set a great example to our friends in the EU. I doubt if Theresa May will initially like the idea but she might be persuaded. This is the discussion we all should be having, instead of pointless discussions about whether the referendum need be implemented or whether Leave won because of lies or racism.

The cost of tariffs imposed on the UK might be less than our Single Market membership fee and are something we could afford.

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