Friday, 15 July 2016

'The British, not for the first time, seem to have a charmed national life'

What an awful thing it is to be ruled by foreigners. Brexit is UK's liberation, comparable with Portugal achieving independence from Spain in 1640, after a subjugation of 80 years.

Or like the Israelites' Babylonian captivity?

I recommend this analysis from Brett Arends, who begins:

What a difference a few weeks makes. On June 24, just after Britain’s “Brexit” shock, the United Kingdom was apparently facing political chaos, financial crisis, and economic disaster. The prime minister was standing down, the stock market and currency were in freefall, and all the wise men and women of the international financial system were predicting doom and recession.

Here we are today, and the country has already picked its new leader — two months ahead of schedule — and British stocks and government bonds are both stronger.

Meanwhile, on the continent of Europe there is chaos, confusion, and crisis.... 

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