Sunday, 17 July 2016

The threats to Britain are not from Russia


Let's scrap Trident. It is pointless. 
And, given our financial worries because of Brexit, reduce our vast overseas aid budget for a time. Theresa May has ruled out both of these.

We face a huge nuclear threat. Obviously not from Russia - or even Iran - but from a nuclear terrorist attack. I don't see how Trident will help nor do I see that it is independent of the USA. 

Putin is certainly bad news but he is not "the enemy". Muslim terrorism and extremism are. Migrants are the other great defence threat, effectively an invasion. 

Three weeks ago the UK overcome the European threat to her independence. We made terms years ago, I regret to say, with the IRA. The final threat to the UK is the Scottish Nationalists. to combat that threat I like the very radical proposal of Lord Salisbury and others to make the UK into a decentralised federation. Rather like the plans of Gladstone, which an earlier Marquis of Salisbury opposed and which, had they been implemented, would have kept Southern Ireland in the UK.

I agreed with Theresa May that the UK should resile from the ECHR and was very sorry that she quietly dropped it after the referendum. The UK should also enter a reservation into our adherence to the UN Convention on Refugees, obliging us to accept European refugees. I believe that back in 1951 we did make such a reservation.


  1. With all due respect Paul, and in my view, this article is pure tosh. How can you say that Russia is no threat when they are re-arming, invading the neighbours and flying into our airspace -- almost asking for a fight. I was in Sweden recently, staying on an island near Stockholm, and mein host said "I saw a Russian submarine pop up just over there..." As the Russian economy goes over the edge (they haven't invested in their infrastructure or education for years) they will use nationalism, propaganda and war to maintain legitimacy. It's working for Putin right now but this formula always has a relatively short life span.

    I don't really buy the story of the Islamic threat to the UK. Of course they can cause huge damage in the Middle East and carry out bomb attacks across the continent, but are they really planning to carry out a nuclear attack in UK? I doubt it. And even if they were I doubt they'd be able to carry it out.

    Even more worrying is linking this threat to immigration. What you're suggesting is that terrorists mix in with migrants, and that may be true but more likely is that a highly trained, well resourced terrorist comes in as a businessman and plugs into a professional network. These guys can operate with or without immigration. But I do accept that they may be encouraging immigration to flood the EU and cause instability.

    Are you suggesting that all the muslims living in Britain are under suspicion? That idea is much more dangerous than the threat you worry about; just think through what would happen if such an idea became government policy. Think 1930s and a certain ethnic group who became a national scapegoat.

    1. What I am saying is that Russia is not a threat to the UK. (Nor is it one to Sweden but that is another question.)

      I certainly do not doubt that most British Muslims are law-abiding people. Most are good people. Perhaps I should have been much clearer about two very separate but grave dangers that the UK faces. One is from Muslim terrorists. The other - not a violent threat, but a threat, nevertheless, to the English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish peoples - is the danger of loss of national self determination because of naturalising huge numbers of immigrants year after year.

      I sense that in a way talking about Putin is an attempt to distract attention from these real issues.

      I am not saying we should regard British Muslims as suspicious - we need to win their loyalty.

      I am saying we should largely halt immigration from outside Europe.

    2. Rupert please look at this. Admiral Chris Parry forecast 'reverse colonisation', where migrants become more dominant than their hosts.

  2. Is Russia a threat to Romania?