Thursday, 14 July 2016

Theresa May cometh

I should have blogged yesterday as Theresa May became Prime Minister but forgot. This is from my Facebook wall.

We don't need someone lazy and brilliant like Cameron or Boris for Brexit - we probably need a dull middle class person who does her homework carefully. Not that Mrs May was a successful Home Secretary - she was pretty useless.

She says she is going to be modern - which sounds bad. But she says she is a Unionist, which is good.

She says she believes in social justice. Never liked that phrase. She is wearing leopard print shoes.

A Blairite obviously - though wanting to help the working class is good.

 She's a dreadfully dull speaker.

 I very much like "that precious, precious bond between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland"

These facts come from Mr Memory@AmIRightSir

 BBC incorrectly saying today Theresa May will be 76th person to be PM; there have been 76 terms of office, but she is 54th person.

 Theresa May is only the second Prime Minister to have been born in Sussex, the other being Henry Pelham (PM 1743-54)

Theresa May is the 3rd Prime Minister whose father's main occupation was clergyman/minister of religion. [Mr. Brown was another but who was the 3rd? Mrs Thatcher’s father was a part-time preacher.]

Theresa May is the second clear case of an only child becoming Prime Minister, the other being Stanley Baldwin.

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  1. Bonar Law was the other son of a cleric, I think (I had to look that up).