Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Today in British politics


So it looks like Labour will split into a wacko Mediterranean protest/anti-imperialist Syriza/Podemos style party of Corbinistas on the left, while the centre and right joins up with marooned LIb-Dems, sundry metropolitan liberals and perhaps a handful of pro-Europe conservatives to form a new Blairite/Remainer mushy centrist alliance. But where does that leave the millions of traditional Labour voters who voted for Brexit and don't eat artisan-baked ciabatta for breakfast?

Adam LeBor

I see ‪Labour‬ have taken time off from their problems to call for a snap election. Don't recall one when ‪‎Gordon Brown‬ became PM.

Helen Szamuely

What if Leadsom was only in it to keep Gove off the ticket?

Jeremy Drysdale

Why should Andrea Leadsom have to apologise for saying that being a mother would make her a better prime minister? She was a campaigning politician. Any other work experience can be thrown in but not mothering, mentioning it has been deemed unacceptable and apparently offensive to the opposing candidate. She had work experience and life perspective she couldn't talk about because the other candidate didn't have the same experience. In any other field that would not be the case so why can't she talk about being a mother?

Bunny Sheffield

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  1. Ms Leadsome was clearly too delicate a flower to serve as PM. She got rattled rather quickly.