Saturday, 13 August 2016

Il Brexito: synopsis

This synopsis of the opera Il Brexito isn't by me (I wish) but was posted on Facebook. I don't know the author and hope he doesn't object to my borrowing it.

Act 1: The Ducal Palace. Davide, Duke of Mantova, has summoned the peasants to the marketplace to vote on his plans to allow the citizens of Verona and Vicenza to continue to offer goods for sale in the Duchy. He sings of his love for Samantha. Michele, the Judge, enters. He tells the Duke that his plan is against the ancient constitution. Boris (the Duke's half-brother) appears: he too, he says, will be opposing the Duke. Outside a hubbub is heard: it is the Corbinistas, local brigands arguing about who should be their leader.

Act 2: The Marketplace. The peasants are gathering. Davide sings from his balcony 'Guarda questi idioti' (look how stupid they are). Michele and Boris move through the crowd. When the time comes for the vote, to the Duke's horror his motion is defeated. With a howl, he runs back into the palace.

Act 3: The Palace. Giorgio, the Duke's Treasurer, is busy packing gold coins into sacks ready to flee Mantova. He sings 'Erectione straodinario' (what an amazing c8ck up). Boris enters the room and goes out onto the balcony to speak to the crowd in the marketplace below. Michele creeps up behind him and stabs him in the back. As Boris lies, apparently dying, he sees to his delight Teresa, head of the police force, come in and stab Michele in his turn. He collapses as Andrea, a scullery maid, enters the room. She taunts Teresa with the aria 'Your ovaries are frozen', but then as the crowd below starts to chant Teresa's name, stabs herself, and falls dead over the corpse of Michele. Boris rises: he was wounded but not killed, and Teresa tells him that he must be her Ambassador to the other Italian cities. She drives Giorgio from the room, and the opera ends with Teresa and Boris singing the duet 'Panforte per tutti - ma senza tariffi', while outside the window the Corbinistas can be heard, still arguing.


  1. David in Banja Luka22 August 2016 at 14:42

    I like Opera - very funny :).

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Isn't it? I read it over and over again. My favourite line is "She taunts Teresa with the aria 'Your ovaries are frozen'"

  2. Feito contrário, só tempo dos últimos 2 anos.

  3. It looks like a sequel to Il Brexito is being composed.