Monday, 5 September 2016

America is not Britain's friend


In an awkward joint press conference, Mr Obama refused to recant his statement during the EU referendum campaign that Britain would go to the 'back of the queue' for a trade deal with the US if it left the Brussels club.
And he also delivered a stark warning that action is needed to stop the Brexit process 'unravelling' the special relationship.
The word queue strongly suggests that George Osborne and his Labour friend Lord Mandelson, architects of Project Fear, the attempt to scare the British into voting to stay in the EU, drafted Mr. Obama's original warning to the British electorate. Americans use the word 'line', not 'queue'.

I hope we remember that America is a very uncertain friend. There is no special relationship between the US and UK and never was except in British fevered imaginings. The only special relationship America has is with Israel.

And in fact there are no eternal friendships in diplomacy, as Palmerston said, only eternal principles.

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  1. I find the frequent fawning, needy references to the "special relationship" in papers that should know better terminally embarrassing, like the weedy boy with spots and glasses claiming the school bully is his best friend despite repeated dunkings in the bogs.
    Dominic Johnson