Monday, 5 September 2016

Angela Merkel, like David Cameron and Theresa May, is centre left


Angela Merkel, like David Cameron and Theresa May, is centre left.

As Timothy Garton Ash said several years ago, both Germany and Britain have two social democratic parties.
Judy Demsey explains here how Mrs Merkel has moved her party to the left on nuclear energy, parental leave, minimum wage and refugees.

Growing up in East Germany as the daughter of a far left pastor, she clearly retains a lot of his internationalist and left wing values. Most East Germans, on the other hand were not true believers or internationalists and, as a reaction to her migrants policy, provide a good source of recruits for AfP and PEGIDA.


  1. What surprised me is how many German politicians come from a theological background: Chancellor Merkel, daughter of a pastor; President Gauck, a pastor himself; Julia Klöckner, chairwoman of the Rheinland-Palatinate chapter of the CDU, who had a short period of glory when she timidly tried to harness the currents in the CDU opposed to Mrs Merkel's immigration policy, tipped as a possible successor to Mrs Merkel, has an MA in Catholic Theology; Volker Kauder, head of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, one who considers that labelling him as "evangelical" is not sufficient.

    1. Mrs. Frauke Petry, the pugnacious leader of the AfD, separated last year from her husband Sven, a Lutheran pastor.

    2. You inspired my latest blog post but one.