Tuesday, 6 September 2016

British political news quotations


At this summit Theresa May was direct, confident but insistent that on key policy issues she must be allowed to play her cards close to her chest whether on Hinkley or Brexit.

This was not the way of her predecessors. Not does she fawn at US or other global leaders in quite the way Cameron, Gordon Brown or Tony Blair used to - and that may not be a bad thing either.

Sam Coates, The Times

On average, prices paid by EU consumers are 6pc higher than the prevailing world price; in many cases, prices are much higher than average, with EU consumers paying 31pc more for beef and veal, for example; two hugely important products.

It’s the real and entirely unacceptable cost of living in the EU; a far greater problem than the membership fee that richer countries must pay to Brussels

Allister Heath, The Daily Telegraph

The British economy sails on as if nothing has happened, but the European one continues to stagnate. It is as if the Brexit shock has been more powerfully felt in Europe than in Britain. Both France and Italy showed no growth at all in the second quarter, and now even the data from Germany is starting to look poor.

That the Eurozone economy is still struggling after everything that has been thrown at it almost beggars belief. In terms of stimulus, it is hard to know how much more of a following wind the euro area could have had. It’s been positively gale force. Austerity has been effectively ended, interest rates have been cut below zero, the economy has been flooded with newly printed money, the euro was devalued and to cap it all, there has been the monumental boost to disposable incomes provided by the low oil price.

Jeremy Warner, The Daily Telegraph

Sam Leith ‏@questingvole

All-purpose tweet: "I don't give a toss what Keith Vaz does in private. What I mind about is... [insert grown-up ethical concern]."

Daniel Hannan (@DanielJHannan):

Remember how 71 per cent of City economists predicted a recession this year following the referendum? Are they sticking to their prediction?

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