Monday, 5 September 2016

I have a vision of the future, chum


I mystified a left-winger recently by saying there was too much internationalism these days.

'How can you have too much internationalism?'
But of course you can - international law is by definition undemocratic and so are international organisations. And internationalism at the expense of a sense of national identity reduces countries to machines for living and creating GDP.

I believe in free trade, think it brings prosperity and peace. Genuine free trade, not the EU single market version and probably not the Chinese and Japanese versions.  I know that free trade does not require mass immigration. 

I dislike the cultural effects of globalisation but they are very hard to resist.

The world will be one big heavily policed mall/golf course, with national culture reduced to restaurants and folklore kitsch.

When people protest against this future their protests are ignored or are unfairly labelled 'far right' a designation which should be reserved for fascists. How differently anarchists and occupy are treated by the press. The anti-immigration protesters of our day, as far as i can see, are not fascists but a belated answer to the neo-Communists of 1968. Yet the 1968-ers who, grown old, until recently ruled us, are never considered extremists.

Brexit followed by President Trump would change things. But in Germany internationalism will hold sway for a very long time.

Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Party came third yesterday in an election in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Alternative for Germany (AfD), came second with 20.8% of the vote. The British conservative press call AfD 'far right' and report the result as a defeat for Mrs. Merkel's migrant policy.

In fact what is interesting is that 79% of Germans voted for pro-migrant parties. Why?

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  1. It used to be internationalism to believe that the way out of third world backwardness and poverty was revolution and install a popular front government. Now suggesting such a thing is Eurocentric orientalism, check your privilege comrade.