Friday, 23 September 2016

I'm a liberal and I loathe liberal smugness

I saw this on Facebook and think it true, especially the last sentence. I was a smug person who disliked Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. Most nice people did in those days, of course.
I'm a liberal and I loathe liberal smugness. It's a form of snobbery. Liberals are the worst kind of snobs. Self righteous presenters, thin skinned and rather dim, really. Most of the really Rebellious people are conservatives.


  1. Not sure I agree 100% with the last statement but I too loathe liberal smugness.
    I dislike it particularly in my US-based acquaintances and friends.
    I find this breed of neo-liberals have developed a discourse that centres on certain concepts of "privilege", PC-ness, that are rather tricky to fully navigate for a European, Asian, etc living outside of the US.
    Disagreements are caused not by fundamental differences in belief systems but by pre-defined aggressive language and a certain mob mentality.

  2. Disagreements are caused by fundamental differences in belief systems!