Saturday, 24 September 2016

Jeremy Corbyn redivivus

I am of course delighted Mr. Corbyn won the Labour leadership election. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! It means the Tories will be in power for at least nine years, time in which to do much.
It was not a landslide victory but at 62% about what he won last year.
Labour MPs who have no confidence in their leader (172 out of 212) should, of course, declare UDI en masse. They have democratic legitimacy, not party members, many of whom are really Greens or even Tories. But the Parliamentary Labour Party doesn't have the courage, don't trust each other and have no big names. How little Parliament now counts.
Jeremy Corbyn will not win the general election or come anywhere close but he will move Labour and the British left  and the left-wing middle classes leftwards, at least for some years. These things matter. Nigel Farage never won a seat in Parliament but has moved the UK out of the EU. Donald Trump, of course, may move the zeitgeist who knows where and might do so even if he loses.

The centre does not hold? I am not sure. The Tories look very centrist to me. 

As does Hillary Clinton, all the Western European governments and the whole international oligarchy that rules the rich world. Still, tectonic plates are shifting. 

As they did last night in Bucharest, where there was a strong tremor, but I digress.

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