Sunday, 11 September 2016

Katie Hopkins writes a very moving account of a teenage boy's life in the Calais Jungle

This blog is for my writing, not other people's, but I just read an article so very interesting that I decided to link to it and urge you to have a look at it. It is exceptionally well written, sensitive and, oddly enough, written by Katie Hopkins, who goes out of her way to acquire a reputation for insensitivity.

Katie Hopkins is, by her admission, the British version of Ann Coulter. Both ladies are what Romanians call terabiliste, meaning women who shock for the sake of shocking. But, as the daily news becomes more and more shocking, both have taken up and talked very good sense on the issue of Third World immigration. 

They have to a certain extent the prerogative of licensed jesters to tell the truth.

Of course, the migrants are trying to flee poverty and are right to want to do so. There is no real humanitarian reason why they should be settled in Europe and the strongest reasons why they should not. 

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