Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Romanians think the Third World War has started


A year ago General Mircea Chelaru, who was Chief of the General Staff of the Romanian Army in the late 1990s, said last week that the migrants entering Europe represent the start of the Third World War and a threat to European identity.

Former President Traian Basescu, who left office in December, has said that Europe should continue to be mostly Christian and that Muslim migrants should not be accepted in Europe. He said that ISIS is at war with Christianity and also that great powers never succeed in conquering small countries and mentioned Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. So he thinks it will be in Syria and added

no people educated in the spirit of the Koran can be made democratic.


  1. and they are quite right ... We are in the middle of a civilisations clash.

  2. They may well be right, assuming the correct definition of a world war is an armed conflict involving all populated continents. A few years ago I was reading an article by a respected historian that traced the start of the Second World War to c. 1935. Regrettably I can't remember his logic. At this rate I will start forgetting the punclines to jokes, lose my car in car parks and find mints and tartan irresistible.
    Dominic Johnson

  3. Dominic - the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) was a precursor to the World War and, given the German and Soviet involvement, some historians do consider it part of the larger World War. And some historians consider both world wars in the context of a single, drawn-out, evolving conflict.