Monday, 19 September 2016

Terrorist attacks might win the election for Donald Trump

The suspect in the New York explosions, surprisingly enough, does have a Muslim name, Ahmad Khan Rahami, but the police have no idea what the motive might be. I imagine there will be more of these attacks, in the USA and elsewhere. Whether it is intended or not (and it probably is) it will help Donald Trump and hurt Mrs Clinton. It could clinch the election, though Donald Trump has the Big Mo already.

On a subconscious, irrational level, an old lady fainting at the commemoration of September 11th will, for some voters, not inspire confidence in her as Commander-in-Chief.


  1. I watched her response/news conference to the attacks. She either remains exhausted physically/mentally and emotionally or she really is "put out" by having to answer questions. Could be both I suppose. She looked like she just woke up... again... maybe she did.

    The MSM and PTB have too much invested in her to allow Trump to win.

    Didn't you post this quote (which I borrowed!)

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable,” said John F. Kennedy.

    1. She looked to me as if she had taken a sleeping pill. She is sick, that's clear.

      I think people know the media are working for Hillary and may discount this - especially as MSM is in decline and the internet is king. Social media made Trump's success so far possible as it did the Arab Spring. If Trump wins I hope it ends more happily than the Arab Spring did.