Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Whores, bigots and undiplomatic langauge


Prince Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, the Jordanian who is 'UN human rights chief' and who favours worldwide blasphemy laws, yesterday likened Messrs. Farage and Trump to ISIS.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph reports that the Philippine President called Mr. Obama 'the son of a w****'.

Why is the word whore too rude to publish? In Romania it is used all day long every day. 

Macaulay referred to 'Tis Pity's She's a Whore' as a play it was almost indecent to name.
But that was 1840. I hear this word all the time in Romania. I don't understand why 4 letter words are rife and whore and nigger are redacted.

The BBC is more robust and used the word, but 
Sky News bleeped out  'son of a whore'... even though they were being said in Tagalog by the Filipino President.

Mr Obama, quite rightly, has cancelled his meeting with the President. But I admire the latter's courage in tweeking the world's only superpower's tail.

It reminds me of lines from an episode from the BBC situation comedy Porridge.
He called me a black bastard.
Technically, the facts as stated were not wholly inaccurate, seeing as you are both negroid and illegitimate.
It was the way he said it.

I do not mean to impute inchastity to Mrs. Obama. I am only joking. I have no evidence about Mrs Obama's chastity, apart from hearing that she once appeared nude in a pornographic magazine. Anyway talking about the subject is a low blow. May her shade be at peace.

But I do hate the namby-pambiness we have where words are concerned. I boiled with anger in about 1994 reading a dictionary of words and phrases that were not to be used. One, I recall, was 'old maid' which was objectionable because it carried the implication than an unmarried middle-aged woman might not have had sexual experience.

There is something Satanic in political correctness.


  1. Wow, between smarmy Milo, sadistic Trump, and now the ill-advised Filipino fool, you've really developed a taste for juvenile provokers.