Wednesday, 19 October 2016

US election quotes


Tweets I just saw from Louise Mensch, former British Conservative MP, now working for Rupert Murdoch in New York.

If you vote Trump you are the scum of the earth, a colluder in racism and 'deplorable' is too good for you. This means everyone.

Yes let's get this straight, it's cowardly to blame it on Trump and excuse his voters. These days 'elites' means 'people who aren't racist'

William McGurn, in the Wall St Journal:

They support him because they fear political correctness is making vital discussions about the country impossible—and conclude that any candidate who’s going to take this on is not going to be Miss Manners. They support him because they know what they will get if Mrs. Clinton wins, as now looks likely.  
They support him because they get the contempt dripping from Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton whenever the subject is the things they cherish: faith, patriotism, the decency of ordinary citizens, and so on. Above all, they support him because they also get that the elite contempt for Donald Trump is a proxy contempt for them.

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  1. President Obama now enjoys a 55 percent approval rating (as opposed to President Bush's 25 percent at the same point in office). Surely some of the majority who think the President did a good job do not think he holds faith, patriotism, and the decency of ordinary citizens in contempt.
    Mr Trump had a chance to win this thing, but appears to have ruined his own candidacy with his lack of self-control. No excuse-making can wish it away.