Friday, 21 October 2016

Donald Trump was very funny today

This is an oddity after all the apocalyptic scenes and sheer nastiness in the debates.

Donald Trump was very, very funny at the Al Smith dinner (as Obama was last year at the annual political journalists' dinner). Hillary, even with scriptwriters, is not really. She reminds me of Mrs Thatcher misunderstanding the line written for her 'I say to Moses, keep taking the tablets' and wanting to replace tablets with pill.

I like politicians to be funny - Boris Johnson is, Michael Gove is, David Cameron too - Theresa May and Hillary are not, nor Margaret Thatcher. Churchill and Macmillan were - Callaghan and Wilson on occasion too. Tony Blair was a born actor (like Macmillan) and did wonderfully in this piece, but was not funny.

H.M. the Queen is drily funny. When Clare Short went to kiss hands on becoming a cabinet minister, her mobile telephone rang and she rummaged through her large bag, spewing the contents on the floor, before finding the telephone, which then rang off. The Queen said sweetly, "I do hope it wasn't anyone important."

Here is a 14 year-old boy giving a very funny impression of the three candidates, including Bernie. One commentator said he was sorry that the boy impersonated Trump because Trump should not be treated as if he were a respectable person. I understand that point of view which is why the jokes at the dinner surprised me - I expected Democrats to treat him as a pariah, an unclean thing.


  1. There was also the time Lady T's speech-writers got her to do a version of Monty Python's parrot sketch. She didn't get it at all. Andrew Schrader

    1. How awful to be the citizen of a republic and have people like this or equally vulgar people as your head of state. To have no class system, no landed gentry, no elite.

      My favourite Harold Macmillan story is of when the Queen, Mrs. Thatcher and the five living former Prime Ministers had dinner at No. 10 in around 1986 to celebrate its 300th anniversary. As the photograph was being taken James Callaghan said: I wonder what is the collective noun for Prime Ministers. To which Lord Stockton who was 91 instantly replied: a lack of principals.