Saturday, 29 October 2016

Michael Gove on the Coalition We Need To Defeat Islamism

This is an interesting article by Michael Gove, whom I enormously admire, on how to defeat islamism.

Michael Gove is absolutely right when he says that
The ideology that poses such dangers is Islamism. Not Islam. Islamism.
And it is vital, absolutely critical, that we maintain that distinction.
Islam is a great religion which provides spiritual nourishment and moral guidance to millions. Its essential doctrines — the importance it places on charity and self-discipline, reverence for life and joy in God’s creation — should inspire admiration in people of other faiths and none.
Still he is a politician, not a scholar, and has a political end in mind, preventing British Muslims being alienated from Britain. 

Islamism is certainly an anti-colonialist movement. It does start in the 20th century, though there were earlier outbursts of zealotry like the Mahdi's rebellion in the Sudan. That was also anti-colonialist, but there were earlier fanatic movements like the Wahhabis. Is Wahhabi Saudi Arabia not an Islamist state? 

We who are not politicians but bystanders cannot ignore the fact that Islam gave rise to Islamism and to earlier outbreaks of fanaticism. Presumably Mahomet (though in truth we know nothing about him for sure) and his first successors, the 'Righteous Caliphs',
were also Islamists.

Sir Roger Scruton ten years ago pointed out that 
The bombings of 7 July 2005 did not mark a new departure in Islamist tactics. Students of Indian history are well aware of the impact of Wahhabism on the Indian sub-continent in the 19th century, and of the nihilistic rage that seems so often to accompany Islamic revivals in places where Islam is a minority faith. 
The future is fraught with peril and it makes sense to reduce immigration into Britain to a trickle, which it was sixty years ago, and for our European allies to do the same. Why do people not see that? That won't solve or alleviate the problem of Islamism, but the First Law of Holes states:
When in a hole stop digging.

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