Monday, 3 October 2016

Paris and Brussels attacks carried out by migrants who entered Europe last year


The Sunday Times revealed yesterday that many of the Paris attackers used the Balkan route through Hungary in the summer of 2015.

It seems Viktor Orban's fears about migrants are well founded.

Bojan Pancevski wrote in the Sunday Times

"Nearly all of the Isis terrorists that hit Paris last year arrived in Europe disguised as refugees. As it became clear that thousands of people can enter the EU without any checks, Isis sent a scout to map the Balkan route in June, and then they infiltrated their hitmen between August and October. Some of them then went on to commit the Brussels attacks last March.

The majority were European-born jihadists who joined Isis in Syria and then returned to attack their homelands.

Last year, politicians and pundits were at pain to explain how this would not happen, but it is now clear that the atrocities in Paris and Brussels were made possible by the giant migration influx in late 2015. 

Many more jihadis who used the same route are believed to be in Europe, waiting to commit new attacks.

They were all on terror watch lists or even charged, and could have returned only with fake passports/visas - a sophistication which still seems to be out of their reach. Otherwise they would not have used the migration route. Note the most came in between late August and mid October."

The Hungarian referendum on migrants yesterday showed a 98% majority for not accepting a EU quota of migrants. The idea has been dropped by the EU anyway but the Western media put the spin that with a turnout of only 45% the referendum result was not valid. This is true in law but it was only advisory anyway.
By comparison, in the referendum on joining the European Union held in Hungary in 2003, the proposal was approved by 83.8% of voters, with a voter turnout of 45.6%.

Viktor Orban has won a victory that will have consequences for Hungary and for Europe.

Here is something he said recently.

The economic consequences of the migration are very clear; no man with a half a brain could dispute them. The tragic reality is — as opposed to the false illusions — we cannot use any of the newly-arrived as workforce. Maybe Germany will attempt to sort out the best and hand over the useless leftovers to the others. In the meantime, the defence against terrorism consumes huge resources, and I am not even sure it is possible. The degradation of public safety is unstoppable, and we have not even talked about the social, medical and cultural consequences yet.

Without any theatricality, with quiet honesty we can say: the European Union is at a crossroads. It will either continue in the direction of reformation, or it will fall apart. Hypocritical moralisation, double standards and the increasing arrogance of the liberal elite and endless ideological arguments will bring down the EU. ...
We Hungarians were not looking for arguments or the role of the European alarm clock. We just wanted to defend ourselves. We want nobody else to have the right to decide who we want to live with. Based on its sensitive geographical location, it seems that every thirty years Hungary ends up in the eye of a political hurricane.

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