Sunday, 9 October 2016

Pence is the key now

Pence is the key now - if he says he no longer wants Trump to be POTUS what happens?

He cancelled a speech he was due to give (in private) on Monday.

There are reports that Pence has told the RNC that they transfer nomination to him with either Ryan or Ben Carson as his running mate by Monday or he simply leaves ticket.

Other reports say Pence's campaign schedule has been taken down from the Trump website.

What does Pence have to  lose? He will not win with Trump and could make history, make a stand on his Christian convictions and, quite possibly, be President. He must be the Democrats' biggest fear.

The world is being rewritten by the shade of the late Brian Rix. (A great, recently deceased farceur, for my non-British readers.)

Note: Mr. Pence did not tweet during debate but tweeted his congratulations to Mr Trump shortly after it ended.

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  1. Love the Rix angle! Charles FitzGerald